Who we are?

eCater.com.au is about Increasing revenue from the online channel, delivering  a superior customer experience, reducing cost and driving your marketing budgets further. We just deliver your stores online orders from consumers.

Our Mission is to Create an appetite for consumers to enjoy the convenience of buying food online from local outlets efficiently.


Most of Australia's top 1,000 Companies and Government Departments use the eCater Marketplace simply because of the convenience, choice and ease of operation it provides.


Our system is designed, developed and operated by people with retail food, online and franchise system management backgrounds.

What we do?

We have 2 main Products - The online Marketplace and Food court along with the provision of branded online ordering systems. We operate Australia’s largest online food ordering and settlements system for QSR's, cafes, caterers and food chains.

We manage Queue busting, complex menus, pricing, options, delivery conditions, various opening and closing times, notifications to all appropriate staff and stores. Manage Individual stores banking and order reconciliations. Providing Head office full control and reporting.

"Over 1,000,000 Sandwiches, Wraps, Rolls, Pies, Salads, Pizzas, Noodle Box’s, Cookies, Chicken, Bagels and Cupcake orders delivered"

Who we deal with?

Currently we list and host many of Australia’s most respected Brands and fastest growing chains, Pie Face, Sumo Salad, Wagamama, Mrs Fields, Mad Mex, Pacific Retail Management, Go Sushi, Charlie Lovett, Jesters and the Presse Cafe Group. Along with around 800 small groups, individual cafes, caterers and restaurants.

Why list on eCater?

Our aim is to save your marketing and operations departments’ time, focus and opex, essentially giving you the opportunity to spread your marketing into new markets. eCater is simply another method of going to market and presenting your products to a wide audience group.


Online order’s are 22% to 30% larger than phone orders. Australia’s largest pizza chain is already doing over 40% of their business online. Were also integrating an online platform to give your stores exposure into every postcode you operate in and around Australia.

Essentially we can promise you 2 things?

By integrating the eCater online ordering and marketplace solution we can guarantee an increase in your existing take out and catering business in the order of 25%.

You will also never need to spend another $1 of capital on software or operations and keeping up with all the necessary system updates and operating changes.

Even if you currently support your own system, the eCater Marketplace can and will increase your orders along with exposure into new and influential markets. On top of the large Home ordering consumer base we provide accounts and most of Australia’s top 1,000 companies are regular users for their meeting, office, corporate and event catering.


We currently have and in development App’s for your customers and your stores – to better manage their business, upcoming orders etc.


Your customers want the Choice of cuisine, location, delivery/takeout and with the Control of preference, speed and accuracy along with the Convenience of ordering anything, anywhere, anytime and anyhow all at no additional cost.


Your stores just want the orders accurately with a reliable ongoing relationship.


eCater can help you provide this, simply, efficiently and quickly.


We warehouse a huge amount of information about consumer habits and trends that are available to you, fully benchmarked to your category. Importantly however, All your customer transactions are your own and you own the information. Your information is not shared with anybody else.

What do we Charge?

Depends on your overall needs, however stores participation can be virtually free and just transactionally based if required.


If you have a quality business you should list it on our Marketplace service as a minumum.


All our stores have been listed with the eCater Marketplace since 2008 and we are very happy with the volume of online orders which has more than doubled our catering business during this period. The service is excellent and the system can handle all the varying franchisee store set up requirements and individual arrangements. I am very pleased to recommend the eCater website, online ordering solution and Marketplace for your café/catering business.”
Wayne Homschek
Executive Chairman & Co-Founder
Pie Face
"The Presse Café chain in Australia is part of a network of high end Cafés with over 140 outlets world wide, located in the worlds most famous cities such as Montreal, Paris and Sydney. We pride ourselves on providing innovative, quality food and beverages. eCater has become the smart way Presse Cafés manage our corporate and office catering online, a great way of interfacing with our customers the way they like to do things. No mistakes, managed orders and accounts, no tying up staff writing orders manually. All customer information is stored and managed which leaves me more time to concentrate on what we do best!
Charlie Hachem, MD, Presse Cafe, Australia
We have been using the eCater service since 2008. Our listing has not only bought us regular business but also is a great Add for our Cafe that brings us more catering enquiries and just general in store business as well.
Michael Fox Owner Klik Cafe Melbourne
www.ecater.com. au/klik
By using eCater and giving my customers the ability to order online through the Marketplace, I increased my catering turnover threefold while virtually wiping out the administration time normally involved
Evelyn Gaufman Dymocks Cafe Sydney
"We operate our café in a busy building foyer at 55 Clarence St Sydney. Our business customers love the ability to order, pay online, receive their Tax Invoice immediately, reprint and review any of their orders. Using eCater has helped us improve our catering volume and organisation practices, along with keeping our regular customers happy"
Jason Salvo Crema 55
Voted best Café in Sydney CBD

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Features and feedback

eCater is a fully managed Internet solution designed exclusively for the cafe, catering and food industry.All you do is give us your menu, order acceptance parameters, opening times, delivery/pickup options, any images and we do the rest. All customers pay online via any credit card or Account no. eCater banks 52 times a year.

"Fantastic!! The money is reconciled into my bank every week and my customers love the instant tax invoive." We even give you your own web page, and let you make changes to it as often as you like. If you can send us an email or fax you can make professional looking changes to your web page.
“I just love having my own eCater website to direct customers to, let alone all the order options. It makes me look so much more professional and organised.”

We understand that you didn't go into the Cafe business to be a website administrator; you went into it because you like to make customers happy with the food you offer and make money. So we do all the online processing, tax invoices, credit card checking and banking. We fax the order to you and even SMS a reminder that we’ve sent you the fax.

“On Melbourne Cup day all my orders were delivered accurately, no stuff ups, no refunds. The order fax is crystal clear; my team never gets it wrong anymore.” Any cafe owner who tells you that they enjoy lengthy discussions about sandwich orders with their customers, is kidding. We’d much rather just get the order.” No missed orders. No misunderstandings. No errors in the order. No refunds. "My customers are now accountable for their own accuracy. No more arguing or partial refunds.”

This is a fantastic service for your current and new business customers and will help keep them loyal to you. Remember, they really are in front of their computers all day! Will they remain loyal to you if they can order online from the café down the road?

“My customers now welcome me into the 21st century. It is such a great talking point and I change my website message regularly.”
Still think it’s too hard? How about this. You don’t even need a computer at the café, or an email address. It’s the customers who order online, not you.

“The system saves me at least 5 hours a week from doing paperwork and phone calls. I never have to remake another invoice or chase customers for money”.

QSR interviews Peter Knock

QSR Media - The national voice of the Quick Service Restaurant industry interviews eCater to find out how eCater solves online ordering issues and delivers real results to some powerful Australian brands.

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