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eCater is designed to create a simple fast and efficient system for customers to order their day to day restaurant home delivery or corporate catering directly from their local restaurant, cafe or caterer. Apart from your regular home delivery, surveys tell us that over 80% of office staff now prefer to order online as it gives them a more accountable system, instant tax invoice and also provides the ability to browse and select at their own time and pace. We also know that many cafes do ad-hoc boardroom and office catering and would love to expand this further but lack the systems and procedures to do this well, and with the high turnover of staff inherent in cafe operations, taking and fulfilling orders over the phone can be very difficult and prone to errors. This is where eCater comes in; we assist cafes by publishing their online menus, allowing cafe owners to adjust items and prices themselves if they wish, the system then allows customers to view all menus online and process orders 24x7.


The system then sends the order to the cafe by fax/sms/email, plus reminders if required, and then allows the customer to provide feedback once the order has been delivered. eCater deposits the catering income directly to the cafe’s bank and provides reporting and analysis of the orders fulfilled. All this is for a nominal weekly membership and transaction fee charged to the cafe, the customer pays no more. Makes great sense!
You can order from any of your favourite suppliers for anywhere in Australia from just one account.

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